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Purpose and Scope

Office Specialties Ltd believe in the value of sustainable actions. We commit to reduce our use of natural resources, empower our people and limit our environmental impact on the planet.

This policy sets out how we manage our approach to being a sustainable, environmentally responsible an energy efficient business.


This policy applies to all employees, and will also act as a training document for new employees to be distributed during induction.


Organisation Environmental Impact

Office Specialties Ltd recognise that our operations result in emissions to air and water and the generation of waste. The resources the company uses and produces pollution which have an impact on the environment are including but not exhaustive:


  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Fuel (transport of deliveries)
  • Fuel (for business use)
  • Fuel (staff commuting)
  • Recyclable waste (paper, plastics metal, timber, food waste)
  • Non recyclable waste


Policy Objectives

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our moral, legal and contractual obligations;
  • Have satisfied clients;
  • Enable our people to be engaged, safe and respected;
  • Make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work;
  • Protect the environment by preventing or mitigating our adverse environmental impacts (including prevention of pollution) and those environmental conditions on our organisation;
  • Reduce our energy consumption and costs and enhance our environmental performance;
  • Have an aligned supply chain; and
  • Ensure our sustainable approach is applied to all new services and markets.


During 2020 Office Specialties Ltd aims to:

  • Inform all staff, customers and suppliers of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.
  • To comply with and exceed where practicable all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.
  • Actively reduce CO2 emissions in our company cars and delivery fleet.
  • Create and implement a Waste Management System
  • Actively introduce and promote environmentally friendly product ranges and solutions to our customers.
  • Become a water refill station https://refill.org.uk/
  • Supply all staff with reusable metal drinks bottles, reducing single use plastic bottles.
  • Consolidate deliveries where possible to reduce delivery miles and packaging.


Focus Areas


All staff are trained an monitored to work within the UK legal framework, and the business monitors and responds to all changes in law. We aim to exceed minimum compliance where possible.


Disposal of Business or Commercial Waste



Environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses



Fuel Consumption and Emisisons for Vans



Packaging Waste: Environmental Responsibilities




To reduce our utility usage Office Specialties commits to:

  • Monitoring electricity and water consumption.
  • Reduce energy consumption of office equipment by purchasing energy efficient equipment.
  • We seek to purchase electricity from a supplier committed to renewable energy.
  • We do not run heating and cooling systems simultaneously, keeping heating levels between 18-21C according to government guidelines. Our heating system is timed to reduce power consumption out of normal operational hours.
  • We aim to improve our carbon footprint and seek out more environmentally friendly products wherever possible.



  • Waste usage is currently monitored by a 3rd party company. This will be integrated into internal tracking spreadsheets.
  • We recycle where possible (paper, plastic, metal, computer equipment, ink and toner cartridges)
  • We use electronic invoicing and communication systems.
  • We re-use packaging where possible.



  • We reduce the need for our staff to travel by supporting alternative working arrangements including working from home.


Local Community

  • We will not pollute or cause health issues through our business waste or other by products for those living in the communities in which the business operates.
  • We actively employ locally.
  • We actively support local charities



  • We will communicate with key stakeholders through electronic means where possible through means such as email, telephone, and video conferencing.
  • We encourage staff to consider using public transport for business meetings outside company premises.


Long Term Objectives

The long-term sustainability objectives of Office Specialties are:

  • Achieving Green Mark accreditation, and environmental certification scheme aimed at lowering the environmental impact of our organisation.
  • Achieving ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • Achieving Carbon Neutral status
  • Achieving Zero waste to landfill
  • Undertaking voluntary work with the local community.
  • Undertaking environmental preservation activities such as tree planting initiatives.
  • Electricity is sourced through green tariff suppliers.



Progress against these objectives will be monitored through management meetings.

The directors are responsible for:

  • Reviewing, endorsing and achieving this policies aim.


All employees are responsible for:

  • Carrying out their work in line with this policy and associated procedures;
  • Challenging any behaviour that falls short of the expectations of this policy; and
  • Identifying any breaches of this policy and reporting them to their line manager.



Chris Kemp


Office Specialties Ltd

21st January 2020